Become an Advertiser

Any campaign could and should be live and online starting from the very first minute.

Register now at LoadAds system

Use the main menu to register now as advertiser in order to build the first campaign. Registration, is just one-time easy and painless process, which takes only one minute, and grants access to campain creation.

Deposit money into the new account wallet

Could be done either with Paypal or Stripe through the web interface. If the above methods are not suitable simply contact us to work out together another way of loading the account money.

Create one or more campaigns

Create a new campaign and start receiving world wide traffic on the chosen landing page etc. Instantly the landing page listing will appear as pop-under on the affiliated websites registered on this network.

   Traffic Quality

The publishers´ pages are reviewed to have at least a decent quality assigned.

There is an advanced anti fraud system that filters out the most proxy & bot traffic, but the traffic conversion depends mostly on the landing page has to offer.

   Traffic Quantity

Using decent rates, live support and on time payouts to each client, the publisher inventory has grown substantially, leading to more traffic.

Traffic speed and volume gets controlled by the number of simultaneous active campaigns.

   Campaign Control

The LoadAds system offers world wide geo traffic where each publisher´s traffic is checked for duplicated hits before being delivered.

At any moment it is up to each advertiser to control whether a campaign should be live or not.

   Campaign Billing

Among many payment options it is possible to deposit funds using PayPal, Payoneer and Paxum which are all bullet proof payment processors.

The wallet feature of LoadAds account means that the un-spend funds could be withdrawn.

Advertiser Panel Basic Features

  • – Fund the account wallet at will
  • – Ability to add any number of campaigns
  • – Real time stat counters
  • – Payment history and impressions counting logs