Become an Enterpriser

Bulk traffic filtration with real time fraud filtration for proxy, asn and bot detectors

Register now at LoadAds system

Use the main menu to register now as enterpriser to filter your ad network bulk traffic. Registration, is just one-time easy and painless process, which takes only one minute, and grants access to the hits forensic system.

Deposit money into the new account wallet

Could be done either with Paypal or Stripe through the web interface. If the above methods are not suitable simply contact us to work out together another way of loading the account money.

Enable one or more impressions filters

Enter the new landing url to start redirecting the good impressions out of the system. Use the filtration interface to enter several urls for each of the filters to also make use of the detected bot impressions.

Enterpriser's Traffic Filtration Panel Features

  • – Fund the account wallet at will and use the bot filtration only when needed
  • – Ability to use any of the existing filters like: proxy, asn, no cookies, no javascript, direct abuse
  • – Real time stat counters for good traffic and for bot traffic
  • – Access to payment history log and detailed impressions logs for each of the filters
  • - Append system variables to the landing url to further track and sort the delivered hits