Become a Publisher

Everyone could and should start earning money within the next 15 minutes.

Register now at LoadAds system

Use the main menu to register now as publisher in order to maximize the revenues. Registration, is just one-time easy and painless process, which takes only one minute, and grants access to popunder codes.

No domains to be approved

There is no website approval process, everyone is welcome create and use a Publisher Panel. All online sites and any traffic sources and geo are accepted, as long as the traffic quality is decent enough.

Place the generated codes on a live website

Setup one or more JavaScript codes and copy+paste on a website body content. Instantly the new popup or pop-under ad will appear on each new landing visitor, all based on the frequency limit settings.

   Traffic Coverage

offers international coverage and industry highest rates with no traffic limitation for getting approved.

There are worldwide advertisers, but the best paid rates are for US traffic, with an average revenue per 1000 US unique visitors of about $0.25 USD.

   Traffic Payments

The withdrawal request from ads revenue can be done at anytime and usually the money will show on PayPal, Payoneer or Paxum account within 24 hours.

The LoadAds popup/popunder earnings are dependent on traffic sources (localisation).

   Pop-up / Pop-under Control

The LoadAds popup / popunder can be used without adding cluttering the used website pages along with the ability of limiting the number of pops shown to a single visitor during a day.

The panel permits to easily analyze the profits while keeping a clean and minimal interface.

   Pop-up / Pop-under Support

With the full time dedicated account managers and 8h/day support, is easy to get in touch with an LoadAds member at anytime by email or via the on-site chat.

Someone is always around here to help out on setting up the code or on panel related question.

Publisher Advantages

  • High Monetization – Partnership with highly experienced monetization team.
  • Broad Acceptance – Without exceptions, all sites get accepted, since there is no review to slow down the process.
  • Earnings Without Limitations – There will be payment releases for any amount of visitors, worldwide traffic.
  • Realtime Stats - The income is non-stop analysed by powerful tools.
  • On Request Payments - Payments processed daily and could be requested after the payout limit is reached.
  • Monitor and Management Panel - Simple, intuitive and easy to use publisher's panel interface.

Publishers Cashout Modes


Threshold : $15

Threshold : $50

Threshold : $10

Threshold : $10

Threshold : $50

Threshold : $15