Benefit from Enterprising

Stop wasting money on bot traffic by using the new hits fraud detection service.

Advertisers' Filtration Advantages

Upon filtration of the bulk traffic the remaining part is top quality traffic which will have the have maximum value impact for the advertisers' websites.

Fake traffic has become a commodity and because of the so many publishers pushing this all over the place, it is now imposible to simply eyeball the guilty ones without a proper system in place.

Independent advertisers will be able to eliminate the ad spending used on invalid traffic sources and improve campaign performance by detecting any manipulation of automated browsing behaviors in real time.

Upstream Ad Network Advantages

There is no need anymore for the big networks to blame the traffic vendors with there own publishers for sending bot traffic, once the proper traffic filters are in place.

Using a proper ad-fraud detection platform helps in reducing wasted impressions significantly by not having to buy anymore the bad traffic slice generated by bot owners, or known data centers or fake crawlers.

The enhanced analysis and real time reporting enables ad network owner to filter between good versus bad bots making sure that their customers aren not wasting the advertising dollars on fraudulent traffic sources.

Real Benefits for Enterprising Filtration

  • Detect bot low quality traffic, win the fight against ad impressions from bots and undesirable traffic.
  • Ideal for use in the Ad Ecosystems, Big Publishers, Ad Networks & Ad Exchanges.
  • Extensive algorithms that examines and eliminates Proxy, ASN, and tempered browsers.
  • Gain insights into bot and invalid traffic effortless by using ready made data centers blacklists.
  • Get to know at a glance what percent of the traffic is fake, and block it or make use of it.