Benefit from Publishing

Monetize existing traffic on a PopUnder Network filled with Direct Advertisers.

Pop-Up Publishing Advantages

Popups are the easiest way of earning more revenues from high quality internet advertisers seeking to extend their global reach.

Depending on the amount and quality of traffic, by using pop-ups is easy to become a preferred publisher partner for one or more advertisers from the internal network.

By having mostly organic traffic comming from high paid countries used in conjunction with a pop up system is surely to give revenues of $2-$5 per mile of triggered popups.

Pop-Under Publishing Advantages

Knowing that advertisers are willing to pay a premium rates to appear in top positions, the pop-under effective revenue per thousand impressions will be 2x or more that of a standard banner ad.

There is no advertising space occupied by the pop-under and still most pop-ads are paid premium prices just to be shown.

Depending on the quality of traffic, there are many webmasters are generating a healthy income from this discrete form of publishing.

Real Benefits from Publishing by Pops

  • At all times the popped window will open over the site, as to have more action potential, or in the website´ background, therefore the user´s attention is not interrupted.
  • There is 100% worldwide fill rate for any inventory, and a single js code works for all devices like: PC, tablet or mobile
  • Get paid at highest CPM rates for each and every visit that triggers a pop-up or pop-under, with the easiest to integrate method.
  • The onclick popup/popunder ads are working on most mobile devices, which gives near 99% traffic monetization without any additional efforts.
  • Using the frequency cap determines how often a pop is displayed per user interaction, without being a distraction, the more often it shows the better the earnings will be.