CPM Marketing Promoter Career

CPM promoter to manage the LoadAds marketing activities on all media platforms.

Job Responsibilities as a Marketing Promoter

• Deliberate planning and promoting the ad network products under a positive image to lead consumers in using the features and tools
• Identify interest and understand the publishers' and advertisers' needs as well as requirements to outclass the competing ad networks
• Cultivation of leads and sales to generate inbound traffic and backlinks by means of publishing relevant, original and quality content
• Create, curate, manage and promote content reach through social media advertisements to develop and expand a CPM community
• Manage efforts in building reputation via online reviews and to nalyze key metrics and tweak strategies as needed

Desirable Profile and Experience

• Self motivated in developing a social media strategy to increase brand awareness, deciding what content to feature on promotions
• Experience in optimising campaigns towards higher conversion rates and structuring and negotiating deals profitable to all parts
• Someone that spends 24/7 on social media passionate about commenting, sharing loving keyword research and analytics
• Proficient in content marketing application with in-depth knowledge and understanding of main social media platforms
• Proactive personal presence, excellent communicator and creative thinker with desire to work overtime maybe evenings and weekends

Applying for a job as CPM Marketing Promoter

To take this opportunity please either apply via the contact page with the subject "New Promoter" or write an email to loadads[at]zoho.eu