Own a Paxum Account + Card

Earn a $5 - $7 bonus for referring new Paxum customers.

Free Paxum Prepaid MasterCard

Paxum Card Request

The Paxum Prepaid Master Cards will be published for free and is accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted, also allowing online transactions or store purchasing or withdraw money from ATMs around world.

This Prepaid Paxum MasterCard card could also be used to verify a Paypal account, by checking on Paxum Account a transaction that looks like PP * xxxxCODE .

It possible to spend Paxum dollars world wide with a few limitations : of not being allowed to store more than $10,000 USD, and not being able to withdraw more than $2,500 / day.

The card maintenance is 45$ a year for both types of accounts.

Paxum global e-wallet system

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Paxum is an increasingly popular e-wallet provider and payment system that accepts to register a personal account or business account, making it easy send and receive money anywhere in the world.

Registration is absolutely free as long as it passes the verification procedure (provide ID copy and utility bill copy or company documents).
Paxum offers the ability of sending and receiving funds peer to peer for a flat rate of $0.25 to $2. Getting funds into a Paxum account could be done by receiving funds from another paxum account or adding funds via credit card, bank account, WIRE transfer, certified check.