Own a Payoneer Account + Card

Earn bonus $25 after the new Payoneer account receives a total of $100.

Free Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

Payoneer Card Request

The Payoneer MasterCard is a Prepaid Debit Card, which allows to withdraw only funds available inside the account, but which can be used in places where MasterCard is accepted, allowing to withdraw Payoneer money from a local bank or ATM world wide.

Activating the Payoneer MasterCard is done after having received the card via mail and loading some money into the new account, enough funds to cover the charge for activation fee and the yearly card Maintenance fee.

There will be no charge for shipping the Payoneer card, and the process works flawlessly if correct mailing address (street location, zipcode, PO BOX etc) has been entered upfront.

To get the $25 bonus, the Payoneer account has to have received at least $100 as payments from other existing members or through Payoneer Affiliate Program.

Payoneer global payments service

Payoneer Account Creation

Payoneer is currently known among the best Paypal alternatives which works also on Paypal's unsupported countries, allowing webmasters and marketers to receive quick and easy payments, on a bank account or the prepaid MasterCard offered.

This online payment solution Payoneer handles money transfer to over 200 countries worldwide and the application process itself is free, but also applying for a card is free.

The sign up process is basically similar to many other website, but to get approved the minimum age of 18 and proper legal documentation will be required (scanned copy of government id or passport).

Once approved, Payoneer´s local bank transfer service allows adding other existing bank accounts to the Payoneer account to start sending or crediting funds directly which will be deposited in the local currency on the fly.