Frequently Asked Questions on Enterprisers

Ad Network Enterprise Area FAQ

  What is Ad Enterprising and what is it good for?

Ad Enterprising is a bulk traffic analyzer service, with rich and powerful traffic filtration features, becoming the world's most popular tool of its kind.
The Enterprisers' Panel analyzes and splits the bulk traffic that is being pushed over, into what is called bot traffic (proxy, asn, automation, tempered browsing etc) and the genuine part of the traffic, allowing you manage it at will.

  I forgot my Enterpriser Panel password.

Simply use the contact form and mention the issue along with the email used at the Enterprise registration, an executive will get in touch with you in order to take care of this.

  What is the filtration service good for?

The enterprise panel service can be publicly used by any big or small ad network that is willing to quantify the quality of the traffic received from their publishers or the quality and quantity that is to be distributed to the other upstream networks.

  Can I use the my ad network filters along with LoadAds filtration services simultaneously?

Being standalone and because of their nature, the LoadAds traffic filters can be used along with any other external or in-house traffic analysis tools.

  Are there limits on the amount of traffic that I can filter using the enterprise panel?

There are no limitation on the traffic volumes that can be filtered by any single Enterprise Panel. However for larger traffic bulks that 3MM it would be wise to drop an email first in order to have allocated the proper server resources.

  Where can I get help if needed?

In case help is needed please do not be shy and use the contact form to ask about whatever issues you might have. An answer will be received on the shortest time possible.

  How much does setting up an Enterprise Panel costs?

There is no charge for setting up an Enterprise Panel. It is also allowed to have more than one panel, like for owners of multiple ad networks.

  Why use a middleman when I can trust directly the websites from my publisher list?

This is more than just a middleman, the Enterprise system is designed for traffic experts used to the consumer market, and the filters will only point out what you're dealing with in terms of traffic quality and will guaratee better results in the best ROI for every campaign or business, if properly used.
If you do have time and the energy to your own filtration system, then you would find out about the same thing. So, not only you are saving time because you can access all these traffic filters, you are going to save money as well by being able to reject the part of the traffic that is bot generated.

  What do you guys do exactly and how can you help my ad network business?

LoadAds filtration is delivering a world-class service to the advertisers and ad network partners. Likewise, the system is dedicated to protect the marketplace from traffic fraud, conversion fraud, malware and maintaining the traffic quality standards. Just be aware that even by using this system, there is no guarantee to catch every instance of low-quality, fraudulent activity or suspicious traffic, it just works in cleaning 90% of the fake impressions.