Frequently Asked Questions on Advertisers

Ad Network Advertisers Area FAQ

  What is Ad Advertising program and what is it good for?

The LoadAds advertiser program allows advertisers to promote one or more landing pages. The advertising panel settings give you complete control over the individual campaigns, ensuring that the advertising budget is wisely invested.
Advertiser's ads will be displayed on our network sites, publishers' sites as well as on our partners pages for as long as the panel's wallet amount is above zero.

  I forgot my Advertiser Panel password.

Simply use the contact form and mention the issue along with the email used at the Advertiser registration, an executive will get in touch with you in order to take care of this.

  How much does advertising on LoadAds cost?

You are in full control when to have the campaigns online (which do comes at a charge), or when to put the campaigns offline (which does not cost a thing). It is a CPM system and the minimum accepted wallet deposit to startup is $10.
There is no charge for setting up an Advertiser Panel. What get charged is only the received impressions on the campaigns' landing pages.

  What are the targeting features available as an advertiser?

The available targeting options for each campaign are : GEO-Targeting to Country or State, Frequency Capping, Browser Identificator, Operating System, and the publishers list selector.

  How can I monitor the performance of my campaign?

Every advertiser panel provides 24/7 access to customizable statistics and reports which are updated in real-time. To check your stats please navigate to "+" sign on the right of each campaign. Also there is a quick peep of the traffic delivery near the title of the campaign.

  Where can I get help if needed?

In case help is needed please do not be shy and use the contact form to ask about whatever issues you might have. An answer will be received on the shortest time possible.

  How does LoadAds prevent impressions fraud?

The advanced advertising technology in place analyzes each impression to determine whether they are quality traffic or artificially generated. As an alternative the advertising panel offers the possibility of blocking any of the publishers' traffic if discovered to be of low quality for the task.

  How to pause or edit my existing campaign?

To pause a campaign simply use the ON/OFF switch on the right of the campaing tile. To edit a campaign please use the "pencil" sign which will open the full options for that particular campaign. Just note that editing a live campaign will deactivate it, needing to use the ON/OFF button once again.

  How do I know if the campaign is working?

Mainly the panel gives access to the detailed reporting, so just do a quick refresh of the stats to check if the stats numbers are changing. Also visit your server's logs and check for impressions or hits received from the network's url, if these two conditions are meet it means that the campaign is performing as expected.