Frequently Asked Questions on Publishers

Ad Network Publishers Area FAQ

  What is Ad Publishing and what is it good for?

The publisher program is a partnership that allows publishers to display ads on their pages for which they will get paid based both on the quality and quantity.
Feel free to join the system as a publisher and start displaying ads immediately for a profit, as the approval is an automated process.

  I forgot my Publisher Panel password.

Simply use the contact form and mention the issue and the email used at the Publisher registration, an executive will get in touch with you in order to take care of this.

  How quickly will ads start appearing on my site?

Once the code or codes were placed on the html of a live or online page, the ads will start appearing instantly.

  When will I get paid by LoadAds and what is the minimum payment?

The LoadAds publishers are getting paid on daily basis without exception, with the condition of having accumulated at least $10 earnings from displaying the ads. The default payment method is PayPal but other methods could be used if desired and asked for, such as: Stripe, Skrill, Paxum and Payoneer.

  My publisher account was suspended. What can I do?

A publisher account can be suspended for one of the two reasons, one is for being inactive and the other is for fraudulent activity. If this happens and the account is needed back, after having solved the issue for which it got banned, do contact an account manager or send an email stating what corrections were made to not have this action repeat itself.

  Where can I get help about placing the publisher codes if needed?

In case help is needed please do not be shy and use the contact form to ask about whatever issues you might have. An answer will be received on the shortest time possible.

  How much can a publisher earn?

The actual earning rates may vary from publisher to publisher and even from the different traffic sources used by the same publisher, all depending on the traffic quality and quantity and is also related to the market conditions.
There are too many factors to be mentioned here, but the geographic location of the traffic will play a part in determining the overall revenue potential.

  Can I show ads on more than one site or on a site that is not mine?

In short yes to both, sure ads can be shown on any number of websites or blogs of yours or others, and more there is not even needed to create a separate publisher code for each website or blog. Mainly, whoever uses your publisher codes will generate solid earnings for your account.

  What methods can be used to deliver the traffic?

LoadAds accepts a wide range of traffic inputs, be it by direct link, or pop-under or pop-up, or even redirect. Each publisher panel has access to download of several ready made templates tailored for that particular panel, that show how the codes can be implemented.
Just make sure that the traffic passed over has a decent quality and value, the rest is not that important.