Filter External Traffic, Flow and Redirect

Convenient ways of counting and filtering your network traffic

No.1 Registering as Enterpriser

Registering as Advertiser at LoadAds

To start fresh as an enterpriser please use the right side menu to "Register as Enterpriser", and after completing the form, in which all the fields are required, a confirmation email will be sent to the specified address. Once this is done the enterpriser registration is considered completed and the enterpriser panel is ready to be used.

No.2 Logged as Enterpriser, after panel creation

Login as Advertiser

Once created, one should already be able to get into the enterpriser panel area by using the main menu "SignIn as Enterpriser" button. From the Dashboard, which is empty at startup, the entire traffic filtration status can be seen by days. Also some traffic details could be optained from the downloadable files provided on Dashboard.

No.3 Proxy Filters Tab

Creating Advertising Campaign

The "Setup Filtration" page shows on top the direct link over which the external traffic to be filtered should be redirected. The middle part, which could be expanded from the "+" sign, is where the actual "Traffic Filters" are, and from where any of the filters switches could be activated or deactivated. Use one url destination for the "Proxy Filter" tab.

No.4 More Filters Tab

Credit Advertising Campaign

After activation of the desired filters from the "More Filters" tab, please enter a valid url on the blocked impressions input box. This will make sure that the filters will redirect the detected bad hits to that url. If no url is provided a default page will be shown in place, for the detected frauds.

No.5 ASN Filters Tab

Depositing Advertising Funds

One of the most important filtration is the ASN, which once activated will trim out all hits coming from any of the known Autonomous System Number rigs. These hits might be still usable as low quality traffic, and therefore could be redirected to an url of choice, with the original referrers on or off.