LoadAds is still the one of the good ad networks in terms of earnings on 2020
Created on : 2020-07-20 23:59:07 by Sebas Updated on : 2023-04-09 00:41:30

Just a bit of History about LoadAds

The first review from this series is a self review, to expose some of the internal workings, rather then a user's review, about the ad network called LoadAds.

As some of you might know already, LoadAds was coded and founded in 2015 by it's current owner, after having used for one year, and being unsatisfied by the YesUp white-label ad network services.
It soon became clear that the ad market from that time, was in need of an ad network able to filter and manage on it's own quality traffic, that is in a different way other than how the rest of the networks were doing it, thing that lead only to a moderate success and web popularity.

Location and insides

With headquarters in Timisoara (Romania), LoadAds uses proprietary php coded technology where pop ads are displayed by pop-under, overlay and/or redirect depending on the publisher's preferences, and delivered to the advertisers' campaigns depending on their panels settings.

In the beginning, about 2016-2017, LoadAds was only focused on managing and selling only desktop traffic, but due to the market demands, many new traffic avenues and business opportunity have appeared.

Known for the user-friendly platform and easy to use panels, both for advertisers and publishers areas, many media managers and ninja publishers have started using the ad network features for a straight profit, either buying or selling traffic by campaigns.

Being very active at email exchanges ( public email : ads_1k[at]zoho.eu ) and because of having a bold skype presence (live:loadads.com), LoadAds slowly became one of the most appreciated CPM ad networks in terms of traffic filtration and traffic quality.

Earning with LoadAds

Knowing that there are personalized html samples ready for download, including the publishing codes usage, on every publisher panel, it is not difficult at all for any blog or website, if they got traffic to sale, to start copy+paste the give codes and begin the monetization process in minutes. There is no approval process whatsoever, meaning that the earnings will start accumulating from the very first second after the publishing codes are used.
The minimum amount to cash-out or withdraw is $10!

Once the Request Earnings button shows on the panel the user is allowed to make a payment request to one of the admins.

The modal for payment request should be filled with the preferred method and the email/account to receive the funds.

After the payment request is completed there will be a message on the dashboard showing the request date. The payment should be expected in 1-3 days, but usually the payments are made on a daily basis.

Advertising on LoadAds

To load ads on LoadAds could not be easier, because of the straight forward advertisers' panels and tight and stylish layout.
On the advertiser's panel after hitting the "New Campaign" from the left side menu, the campaign creation window will be shown from where the landing url can be setup and also thing like campaign name, country targeting (GEO), operating system targeting (OS), browsers targeting (App) and even the publishers from which the traffic will be received.
Having the ability to create list of preferred publishers that will send in traffic is of a great advantage for advanced users. Also the volume capping and unique IP capping helps a lot of advertisers which a building long term campaigns.